Rest in Odessa – May 16 performance Ladie’s Night in musical comedy!
Encouraging comedy. Our, Odessa, version of the show. For the creation of the play “LADIE’S NIGHT” took the firm R. A.production in the person of the producer Lyudmila Nechaeva. Odessites are well-known for the first production of the producer company R. A.production – the comedy “Especially married taxi driver”.
Following the popular “Taxi Driver”, a decision was made to “dare” such an uncomfortable and at the same time fascinating project. During the preparation of the show, quite a few people were involved, all worked with perfect dedication and faith in what will certainly come out!
After all, a special town – Odessa must have a special “LADIE’S NIGHT”.
The presentation was given to experts – the Kiev director Yuri Odinok and the choreographer Pavel Ivlyushkin (Moscow). The cast also impresses: Alexander Suvorov, Yakov Kucherevsky, Sergey Derevianko, Denis Granchak, Valery Shvets, Stanislav Kovalevsky, Evgeny Yukhnovets, Yulia Skarga will demonstrate this story to you at the highest artistic level. Probably among the listed surnames you immediately recognized the actors involved in the “Especially married taxi driver.”
“LADIES ‘NIGHT” is played in almost all countries of the world and each of the performances has its own destiny, its own version of the events described … The invariable one is the crazy popularity of the performances of the contemplators themselves and the public popular love for the actors who carry the senses from the stage, the heat of passion and reckless love for her, for a woman …

The play is based on a story of friends, former metallurgists who were left on the street, after the plant was shut down. The guys besiege the regional bars, pouring beer their own leisure, a failed life and family difficulties. Each of the heroes is noble of the best, however life was formed as it was formed. Truth, the two are all really trying to somehow survive – one taking out the pots in the poorhouse, the other the wallpaper glue …

Everything will change in their life after seeing the advertisement in one of the print media: “male striptease, ladies only, $ 200 entrance” – stunningly folded athletes looking from a glossy page, as if they are mocking a gang of losers. However, he laughs the one who laughs last! That’s the way the decision comes – to make a show in a familiar bar and get the opportunity to earn excellent money, and at the same time to justify the people around and personally, as if there is nothing unachievable, the main thing is to want it! None of them had done anything similar before, they are horrible and funny at the same time. Sitting in the visual hall, we ironically and sincerely worry about our heroes, and every minute we become closer and closer to the outcome of events.

The finale of this extraordinary story is an enchanting show for ladies.

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