Triple Comfort

Triple Comfort

Twin Comfort

Twin Comfort

Twin Superior Enhanced Category

Twin Superior Enhanced Category

Guest house "De Rishele"

Hotel in Odessa "De Rishele" is located in the heart of the historic center of the city. The successful location of the hotel makes staying in it especially comfortable and cozy. From here you can easily reach the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater, Primorsky Boulevard, Deribasovskaya, Zheleznodorozhny Railway Station, the famous Privoz market and the Black Sea. Arriving in our city on a business trip, the best option in Odessa than the hotel "De Richelieu" you can not find, because all business meetings, conferences and seminars, usually spend in the city center.

The quiet and cozy Odessa courtyard, in which the hotel is located, creates a special Odessa atmosphere, gives peace and brings to the past. With us you can move away from the daily bustle of the big city, relax and regain strength.

To see our city, to feel its romance, to feel like an actor of the theater, where passions, dramas are played out, to enjoy the light blue mad air and azure sea - every tourist strives from anywhere in the world. And you are no exception!

If you decide to go on holiday in Odessa, then you should carefully study those accommodation options that are provided by Odessa hotels and Odessa hotels, and then among the existing variety of offers choose the one that suits you.

This will not be easy, because the number of hotels in Odessa is growing every year. But we think that having learned about the hotel in Odessa "De Richelieu" you stop the search and decide to stay with us.

At any time of the day and night, you are attended by the attentive and caring staff of the hotel in Odessa "De Rishele". The staff of our hotel will help you find your way around the city, book a table in the restaurant, call a taxi, book tickets to the theater and cinema, and most importantly will be hearty welcome to the residents of Odessa.

Pleasant and comfortable rest of each guest in the walls of the guest house "De Rishele" - that's our main concern!

Hotel in Odessa "De Rishele" is a renovated and renovated old mansion. Thick and reliable walls of the building (about 1 meter) will protect you from city noise, cool in the summer and keep warm in winter. The interior of the hotel is designed in a single elegant style, and all details are chosen with love and taste.

A small and quiet hotel in Odessa "De Rishele" offers its guests apartments of various classes in which they can relax and relax. The cozy and bright rooms of the hotel in Odessa "De Rishele" are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable rest and stay. Each room has ergonomic furniture, large and comfortable beds (bed length more than two meters), TV, Internet (WI-FI), hot water (round the clock), bathroom, shower. And if you have a desire to drink a cup of coffee, read a book or just spend time in the fresh air, you are ideally suited to our patio for relaxation.

Room category Price per night
Twin Economy class 500 UAH
Twin Standard 600 UAH
Twin Improved Standard 750 UAH
Twin Superior Enhanced Category 800 UAH
Triple Superior Enhanced Category 1100 UAH
Twin Comfort 900 UAH
Triple Comfort 1100 UAH
For a few hours rest 500 UAH

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Гостевой дом "Де Ришелье"

Украина, Одесса

ул. Ришельевская, 30а 

Моб.: +38 (097) 582-16-59

Моб.: +38 (050) 195 86 96 

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