24 September in Odessa will host a Grand concert Vakhtang Kikabidze in building musical comedy! Hurry up! It’s worth seeing! Beginning at 19.00.

You waiting for live sound and unforgettable energy, sincere emotions and true Georgian charm. Buba, as it is called by fans and relatives, often in Ukraine. Famous singer worries over the fate of our country, strongly supports the Ukrainians. Singer today in solidarity with the Ukrainians in their desire to live in dignity. Such a firm stance can cause we only sincere respect and gratitude. Jubilee Tour “My unfashionable songs” singer started from Lviv, where he performed on the stage of the National Opera House. A wonderful actor, singer with boundless charm-he still such and 77. The same radiant smile, the sparkle of optimism in the eyes. “Chito-Grito”, “My year-MoE bogatstvo”-known and loved by several generations of listeners. And singing in several languages Vahtang Kikabidze became a unifying point for the representatives of different Nations and cultures.

Hurry to a meeting with the great man, a legend of the Soviet space, a great artist, soul of Tbilisi! Meeting promises to be unforgettable! Kikabidze began his career in 1959, the year he became an employee of the local Philharmonic Society. In 1966 year, debuted in the film, appeared on the screens in the Meeting in the mountains “, became the drummer and vocalist in the band” Ore’ra “. Three years later, Vahtang Kikabidze for her role in the film “don’t cry” receives the award for best actor in a leading role. But his role in “mimino” brings all the popularity and the love of the audience.

Don’t miss the Grand concert in Odessa and today take care happy ticket for the concert grand Buba!

Sincerely, de Richelieu.

Vahtang kikabidze in Odessa
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