On Saturday, April 25 at 20.00 in the Art Center named after Vera Kholodnaya there will be a concert Yotam Silberstein Trio (Israel-Usa). Outstanding guitarist from Israel Yotam Silberstein will give a concert in the international jazz trio: Yotam Silberstein - guitar, Ark Ovrutski - bass, Brandon Levis - drums. Guitarist-virtuoso with his talent won the grandees of the jazz genre. He collaborated with legendary musicians, among them James Moody, Heath Brothers, Pacuto D'Rivera.

Jotam Silberstein was born in a family of classical musicians, who are not strangers, however, and jazz. He started playing guitar at the age of 10, specializing mainly in rock and blues. Already during his studies at the Tel Aviv Conservatory, he is invited to perform at jazz festivals in Israel and abroad. After graduating from the conservatory, he plays in jazz clubs in New York and San Francisco.

At the age of 18, Yotam, faithful to his country's military duty, joined the IDF (Army of Israel), where he served as musical director, arranger and guitarist for three years. At this time, he received a final recognition and began to play with many of the best jazz musicians.

In 2004, Iotam released his debut album, symbolically titled "The Arrival" ("Arrival"). The album became successful and was highly appreciated, which allowed the musicians to conduct an extensive tour around Europe and the Middle East.

Jotam Silberstein feels equally free to perform both traditional jazz and blues, Brazilian music and bibol.

Odessites are lucky: they will be able to see first-hand the incredible talent of the young Israeli guitarist, having visited his concert. Yotam Zilberstein as part of the international jazz trio will give Odessa citizens and guests the opportunity to enjoy good music that awakens the spring in the hearts of people.

Regards, De Rishele.

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